The Trip – Day 70 – Cardiff, First Prodigy Show

It was Katz’s birthday and a beautiful day. Katz wanted to row a boat and trying to find a place where we can do that we went straight to Cardiff Bay, which seemed like the obvious choice for that. Cardiff Bay is a very beautiful bay area so we stayed there for a while but there were no rowing boats there. Following instructions we went to Roath Lake where there are boats to row. Roath Lake is a very beautiful park area which has a pretty big lake with a lot of ducks, seagulls and swans. However, we experienced more disappointment when we learned they won’t be letting anyone row until Friday. So we just walked around the lake and went back to the hotel.

The Prodigy’s show is right across the street from our hotel (see pictures below) so we went to the Cardiff International Arena to take a look before even the doors were opened. Some kids were already camping outside the arena, The Prodigy’s tour bus (a Four Seasons bus, apparently) was outside parking and the sound check was in progress inside. We could hear the bass and the outside facing windows were vibrating. I got very excited just seeing that.

Later we went to the show. Let me just start by saying that whoever told me I’m crazy for getting tickets to four shows that are “the same” was very wrong. I’m sorry I didn’t get tickets to all 11 shows. It was crazy. Crazy and amazing. I had fun just dancing at first but when Liam (Howlett, the prodigy behind The Prodigy) dropped Poison I went berzerk. And I stayed that way for the entire show, more or less (I’m not so young anymore so I had to stop for breathing here and there.) Katz loved it as well and is now considering joining me for the next show in Birmingham on the 9th. One thing we learned is that while standing in the back gives you space, the sound is better a but forward. I’m definitely going to do that in the next shows.

If you’ve never been to a Prodigy show, you have no idea what you’re missing. Good night.