The Trip – Day 71 – Last Day In Cardiff

We got out this morning late because of yesterday’s show. The weather turned winter-ish on us after two beautiful days so we just went for an easy walk in the beautiful Bute Park (which surrounds Cardiff Castle.) I don’t have pictures because I forgot to take the camera. After that it started raining so we just spent the rest of the afternoon eating and napping. Later on we went to see a movie and now we’re packing for our trip to Birmingham tomorrow.

The hotel in Birmingham is 10 minutes walk from the arena, where The Prodigy’s show is. It’s going to be a little uncomfortable going to and especially from the show (being all sweaty and the fact that it’s almost freezing cold at night), but I’ll worry about that on Thursday, which is show day. Until then we have some time to hang out in Birmingham and hopefully we’ll find something to do in the two days we spend there.