My 21st Prodigy Show – Kiev, Ukraine, 12-Apr-2016

I forgot how nice Kiev is. It’s been 3 years since my previous visit there. This time I went with 3 great friends and although we were there for only 24 hours, we had a blast both before and during the show.

The people in Kiev are really nice. Even during the show, in the mosh pits, people weren’t aggressive. Just there to have a good time.

I still don’t have a date for the next show, unfortunately. Hopefully some new interesting dates will be announced soon.

Here are some pictures from our visit, and a video of the madness (give it the minute :)

Hanging out in Kiev

Some monastery of some kind

More of us

Show time

Dudy Prodigy Kiev

Happy Birthday To Me, I’m 39

Another birthday in which I was too busy to write on my blog. This time busy with good things – my birthday was on Saturday and my girlfriend organized a great trip to the desert, which included a picnic on the edge of a rock with a great view to the dead sea.

As I traditionally do, here’s a short look back at the past year:

  • The previous romance ended and a new one started. I’m again very happy :)
  • I went to 4 Prodigy shows (#17 and #18, #19, #20.) Always a good thing. And I already booked the next one.
  • I made some changes to my diet. I actually made some more since. I should write about those too.
  • It’s also been one year working at E8 Storage (the website will be updated soon) and I’m very happy there. A job that you actually like cannot be overrated.

To sum up, life has been kind to me. The dreaded 40 is now less than a year away. I wonder what kind of a midlife crisis I will experience :)

My 20th Prodigy Show – Hallenstadion Zürich, Switzerland, 14-Nov-2015

About a week ago I traveled to Switzerland for 24 hours to see The Prodigy for the 20th time. I went by myself, so this time I could go up front for a change. It was brutal. The youth in Zürich have a lot of pent up anger in them or something, because they created mosh pits throughout the entire show, even when it didn’t really make sense.

I enjoyed the enthusiasm – people were crashing into each other ans smiling, but obviously I’m not exactly at the age where this still appeals to me. So next time I think I’ll keep some distance from the front rows :)

I also got to see the rap/hip-hop legends Public Enemy, who were great at getting the crowd to jump and shout.

I couldn’t find a lot of great footage from this show, so here’s official footage from The Prodigy, filmed during a show in Russia.

My 19th Prodigy Show – Rockwave Festival, Athens, Greece, 4-Jul-2015

Amidst very tough times in Greece, The Prodigy came to headline Rockwave Festival on its 20th anniversary. My ticket was bought months in advance. I wonder whether I would have bought it, had I known this was going to be the situation over there.

I’m happy I went. A longtime online Greek friend of mine and a huge Prodigy fan himself, GL0WKiD met me as soon as I landed in Athens and showed me around the city, avoiding the police and army personnel and the protests, which had the potential of becoming violent.

The gig itself was intense. The Prodigy were the only non-metal band performing, which meant many metal heads were looking to enjoy The Prodigy’s show the only way they know how – aggressively. On the other hand, there was quite a lot of room to move around, so GL0WKiD, his friends and I really enjoyed it.

My 17th And 18th Prodigy Shows – Alexandra Palace, London, 15/16-May-2015

It’s been almost a year since my last Prodigy gig in Tel-Aviv (it was a special one), but now there’s a new album and a new live show. So I went to see it twice! :)

This time I managed to drag along 4 friends – three of them came with me to the first show from Israel, and for the second show a friend of mine who lives in London joined me (he previously joined me twice to Prodigy shows in the UK back in 2009.)

Needless to say – it was amazing. Here are a photo and two videos from the first show: