The Trip – Day 69 – Kexbrough to Cardiff

The ride to Cardiff was OK, except for two delays of the bus service. We got to Cardiff and after looking for a while for our hotel we settled in and went outside. The hotel is located right in the city center, which has castles, parks, river(s) and a very vibrant night life. We experienced the night life by walking the streets and getting into two of the pubs. There are a lot of bachelor parties, called here hen parties (for women) and stag parties (for men.) For the party the participants usually decide on a theme (e.g. supermen, nurses, bunnies) and dress accordingly so it’s pretty colorful on the streets of the city center.

Tomorrow is The Prodigy’s show. The show is right across the street from our hotel. I’m very excited about it, knowing that I’m going to have the best time. It’s also Katz’s birthday tomorrow and per her request we’re going to try and find a place where we can rent a boat and row a little on the river.