The Prodigy Are Playing Some New Tracks And Beats Live

The Prodigy have been dropping some new tunes in their recent live shows, which is very exciting to me. Supposedly a new album will be out next year, but with Liam Howlett (the brains behind The Prodigy) it’s really hard to be sure, as he is known to be late on delivery of new albums.

The first new tune is called “Resonate” and seems like an almost complete new track:

The second one is currently called “Need Some 1” and I really like it – tracks with hard, slow beats and a melody are my favorites:

The third one is called “Boom Tap”, which I also like a lot:

My 23rd Prodigy Show – Negua, Madrid, Spain, 27-Oct-2017

This time we went together, wife and I. First time for her, so I was very happy. The Prodigy isn’t her kind of music but she prepared and listened to tracks in the few weeks before the show. I really appreciate her for doing so – she came to the show with the intent to enjoy as much as she can.

We stood in the back because I really wanted for her to have a nice first experience at a Prodigy show. The place was small, which meant standing in the back wasn’t that far away from the stage. I really enjoyed the show, but she calls it a “one time experience”, nicely letting me know that she won’t be joining me to any more Prodigy shows.

Still, we had fun and I love the fact that she made the effort to come see The Prodigy once.

Syncwerk Erased Some Of My Files, Now Lost Forever

A while ago I switched from Dropbox to Syncwerk (at the time it was called Seafile Cloud after the open-source project it was using) as the file backup and sync solution I used. I had good reasons (specified in that post.)

But it turned out bad. To put it simply, Syncwerk didn’t do well the most important job it has – not only did it not backup my files properly, but it also erased some files and they are now lost forever. Apparently they know about this and they have a conflict resolution script to restore some of them. But quite a lot of my files have a zero size now in my backup folders and I will never be able to restore them.

Obviously I’ve canceled my Syncwerk account.

I take responsibility for not following the 3-2-1 backup strategy, but even following that might have not helped unless I monitored changes in files, which would have been tedious.

Anyway, this is a warning to not use this service, unless you’re OK with losing some of your files.

Some Music I Like

I really want to write about things that happened recently, but I can’t find the time to update the blog. I have to find a way to do it that doesn’t take me so much time.

In the meantime I thought I can share some new music I like from time to time. These are not necessarily songs that will stick with me for a long time, but I like them now.

We Got Engaged!

I’m very happy to let all 8 readers of this blog (most of you already know this by now) that my girlfriend and I got engaged!

I proposed on a beautiful sunny day on a beach very close to Rosh HaNikra grottoes. It happened a few months ago, but I finally got around to writing about it.

We’re currently planning our wedding. Life has been good to us and we’re very happy.

Happy Birthday To Me, I’m 40

The big Four Oh! Unbelievable. It’s one of those milestones… I wonder if I’m going to go through a mid-life crisis and do something crazy. We’ll see.

To celebrate the event we went hiking in the desert, very similar to what we did the year before. Only this time we’re living together, so we went back home together. And this is probably the biggest thing that happened over the last year – I moved in with a girlfriend, effectively for the first time in my life.

The other big thing is Ace’s death. I still think about her, and miss her, from time to time.

I went to two Prodigy shows this past year – #21 and #22. But not all my travels were to go see The Prodigy. This year’s trips also include Denmark & Faroe Islands, and Northern Spain with my girlfriend. Both were really great,

I still work out 2 days a week. And I follow a diet I said I’ll write about, but obviously forgot (or got lazy about). All things considered – life is good :)