The Trip – Day 31 – San Francisco

The sun was shining when I got up. It was still pretty cold outside. Perfect for jogging, so that’s exactly what I did – this time I went a little further and probably ran between 9 to 10 km. It feels great to start the day with a workout. I actually mean it feels great to be after the workout because during I’m just a sweaty pig struggling for air.

After a shower and breakfast I went again to walk around the San Francisco downtown area. Luckily I’m not the shopping type because if you’re into shopping you can spend there entire days going in and out of shops. All the famous names are there, crammed into a relatively small area so you don’t have to walk much from Saks to Macy’s to the Ugg store.

So after walking quite a lot I was very tired, went back to the hotel to rest and later went to Golden Flower, a small and very good Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown. I love those small places, where the cooks are the owners and the waiter is probably a relative, treating restaurant guests like house guests and all speak English with an accent, like me :) And after that I was even more tired (I think I ate too much, but it was so good) so I went back to the hotel again just to watch TV and catch up on my reading (a lot of stuff happens in the Tech industry in 4 weeks.) It feels great not be uptight about going places and seeing stuff. I’ll have enough of that in Hong Kong, where I’m going to spend only 3 nights.

Later I went to 901 Columbus, my favorite neighborhood place and called it a night. Tomorrow, if the weather allows, I plan to go to a place a homeless guy recommended for me today – Golden Gate Park – where in some places around it things are supposedly preserved from the 60s (at least that’s what he said.) It should be a nice park anyway. It’s pretty far, but I think I’ll walk.

Today’s pictures are just street pictures of San Francisco. Nothing special.