The Trip – Day 32 – San Francisco

It was rainy in the morning so I gave up on my plans to visit the Golden Gate Park (in retrospect I could have gone because it didn’t really rain after the morning showers). Instead I went last-minute-shopping for a friend (I couldn’t find what he was looking for.) On the way I went to the Virgin megastore to see if the have The Prodigy’s new album in stock early, but they didn’t. The different release dates in different countries thing is so stupid in this age where everything is connected.

On the way back I went through the very steep Broderick street (see pictures below) and while walking down the steep part I saw a drunk homeless guy trying to walk it up but tripping. So I asked him if he needed help. In return he asked me if I had any spare change on me to give him. I gave him all the change I had (less than one Dollar) and then offered my help again. He accepted my offer but succeeded going up pretty much on his own. On the way up he promised me a hug and when we finished our ascent he kept it and gave me a hug. I don’t get hugged much these days so I’ll take whatever I can get :) Walking down the street again I found some of the change I gave him that he probably dropped.

I sent everything I got for friends to Israel. Hopefully that’s the last assignment on this trip. If you’re a friend of mine reading this and you have requests from the UK (I doubt anyone wants anything from Thailand) please submit your requests now. Then I went to do my laundry and met there three other slightly drunk homeless people – a woman and two men. there was actually another one who slept under the table almost the entire hour I was there, then got up, was upset about something and left.

The three were kind of entertaining – we talked about all kinds of stuff but mostly they couldn’t really keep focus on an ongoing conversation. I gave them about 2 Dollars. Some of it so they can dry their clothes in the dryer and the rest of the money they’ll probably use to buy more drinks. I’m not happy about it but I don’t judge them.

I still enjoy just being here and walking the streets of San Francisco. Everything is so colorful – the architecture, the people, the sounds. Anyway, preparing for the next flight I started sorting out my stuff. Here’s a picture of almost all the electronics and cables I carry with me:

From The Trip – Misc

In the picture:

  • Palm Tungsten T (in the aluminum case)
  • Palm universal charger cable with exchangeable power sockets
  • Polar watch and transmitter
  • Israeli cellphone and USB charger cable
  • American cellphone and wall socket charger cable
  • Camera non-standard USB cable (assholes)
  • General purpose USB extender cord (never used it)
  • USB SD card reader (easier to use for transferring camera pictures)
  • Wall-socket-to-USB converter (useful for charging stuff that has USB cables without a computer)
  • ASUS Eee PC
  • ASUS Eee PC charging cable
  • Garmin nuvi 265WT
  • Garmin USB standard mini USB charger and data cable
  • Headphones and microphone set
  • Head light (haven’t used it yet, but presumably will be useful in Thailand)

Not in the picture:

  • Nikon Coolpix camera (sucked from day 1. I’m not buying Nikon again)
  • Batteries (the camera needs a lot of them)
  • Garmin mount (for the car window)
  • Garmin car FM receiver and charger cable
  • Universal socket adapter (just got it today, the picture was taken yesterday)
  • Carrying case for the Garmin (also got it today)

I won’t use the American cellphone and the GPS on the rest of my trip, so they will go in the big bag wrapped in the warm clothes I won’t be using over the next few weeks in Hong Kong and Thailand.

Tomorrow it looks like I might be able to go jogging again. Then I’ll try go to the Golden Gate Park and later in the evening to that comedy club that I went to on Saturday.