The Trip – Day 30 – San Francisco, Alcatraz

I started the day late and went downtown to do some shopping for my travel agent and friend who deserves some gifts for the attention she gave me and the price she got me for the tickets. Later on I went to the excellent Mexican restaurant, Mercedes.

Then I did the Alcatraz night tour (more like an evening tour), which I would recommend to anyone coming here (pre-order your tickets! I was lucky.) The prison, originally a military fort, has some interesting history, famous characters and many myths related to it.

Today was again too wintery to go jogging, but hopefully tomorrow will be a nicer day. I really need more activity, even though I walk probably 10 to 15 km every day (I haven’t used any transport other than ferries so far.) I’ve started preparing for Hong Kong – trying to find information on what to do, how to get from one place to another (no more GPS :( ) and preparing mentally. After 4 weeks in the US it’s like starting a new trip.