The Trip – Day 16 – Arriving At Denver CO

The drive from Salina to Denver was surprisingly easy. It started with a cold rainy weather in Kansas and ended with a sunny day in Colorado (you can see in the pictures below.) On the way I stopped in a rest area (there’s one every 80 km or so on the freeway) and there I met Carl, the guy who maintains the rest area and participated in the Korea war. He warned me that if I want to take a nap I should probably do it in an open well-lit place with the doors of the car locked. He even offered to keep an eye for me while I sleep.

He also told me about a stabbing and some rapes and robberies that occurred in the resting areas near by. I had no idea it was worth for someone to actually wait for people to arrive to these places and rob them, but I guess it is. Later I told him that I’m from Israel and he said he had some friends from Israel in the past and that he remembers them as “fearless.”

I got to Denver and finally got to meet my friend and her family. It was a very exciting moment for me – meeting her after all these years. Pretty amazing, if you ask me. I’m enjoying my time here a lot so far… I think we’re getting along very well and I hope I’m not weird in any way (you know… cultural differences and stuff like that.) Tomorrow we’ll spend the day together. Still haven’t decided what we’re going to do, but at the least I’m happy it’s not more of that endless driving (I will do that again in a few days on the way to Las Vegas.)

Here are some pictures I took while driving:

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  1. I am happy you are with friends. It is always good (and sometimes sad too: cultural and other differences) to meet old lasting dreams…

  2. Yes… Toyota Yaris… but it’s not like the Israeli Yaris. In size it’s like the Mazda 3

    And maybe the tires _are_ for the Titan 33-19. I didn’t stop the truckers to ask :)

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