The Trip – Day 15 – St.Louis MO To Salina KS

(This post is a day late because I didn’t have a connection last night)

Another long drive, more great scenery, no special events. Except maybe that I nearly ran out of gas. The Toyota Yaris is funny that way – the odometer, fuel meter and the rest of the indicators are not in front of the driver. They’re in the middle of the dashboard between the driver and the passenger. So to see how much fuel I have left, I need to look to my right. It’s just not in front of me to see.

I was tired when I got to the motel and I already knew there was nothing exciting I wanted to do around Salina KS. The wireless connection in the motel didn’t work, so I just had a quiet evening.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I met this very nice St. Louis couple in the Jerry Seinfeld show. Cathie and Jim used to go to the Fox Theatre when it was still a movie theater (and they were kids). They were very nice and showed me around the beautiful balcony of the theater. When you travel alone even a simple conversation goes a long way, let alone when someone “adopts” you for an hour or so :)

Tomorrow: finally getting to Denver CO to visit a friend. I met this friend online about 13 years ago (on IRC) but never met her in real life. So it’s going to be exciting just to meet her in person. I plan to stay there for a couple of days and then drive to Las Vegas and see some parks on the way. I still need to plan the route.