The Trip – Day 17 – Denver CO

A relaxed day in Denver… today we went to the Denver Art museum. One of its most known features is the architecture of the building itself, created by Daniel Libeskind, who also designed the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Other than that… well, I don’t really know how to appreciate art. It doesn’t create any emotional response in me. Some of the stuff is very beautiful and I can appreciate the work that was put into creating it and the creative thought required to come up with a piece of art, but that’s about it.

Today I also had one of the best meals ever – real, home-made Chinese food. It was unlike any other restaurant-type Chinese cuisine and easily the best meal I had since I started my trip. Later on we went to see the new Underworld movie, which was fun and, in the spirit of the day, relaxed. Tomorrow we will try and go to The Rocky Mountains, which are supposed to be a nice place to visit.

On Thursday morning I will leave Denver to start my trip to Las Vegas. I’ve started planning the trip and I think it will be as follows: One day drive west to Utah. The next day a short drive to visit Bryce National Park. I’ll walk around there a bit (a friend told me it’ll take a few hours) and then drive a little more south-west to Zion National Park, which I will visit the next day. The day after that – a drive to The Grand Canyon. Still not sure how long I will spend there but it will be either a day or two. The day after that – a drive to Las Vegas through Hoover Dam, which a lot of people recommended. So all in all – probably five or six days until I get to Vegas, where I intend to spend three days and then drive to San Fransisco for the rest of my time in the US. I travel to Hong Kong on March 1st.

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  1. Just to add “the Israeli point” of the story: Daniel Libeskind came to Israel on 1957 with his parents. They lived here for 3 years and than immigrated.

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