The Trip – Day 3 – NYC

Today I was pretty sick. Head hurting (seems like fever) and throat throbbing I went out to the cold. And it was c-o-l-d today (note the hyphenation to emphasize how cold it was.) In that sense I can’t wait to get to Toronto in 2 days. I’m sure it’ll be better there. Anyway… the lack of gloves was really hurting my hands when they were out of my pockets. But I toughed it out to go to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. Big mistake – The “lab” is just a display of not-so-new-and-half-baked technology that is mostly aimed at school kids, the main crowd of the museum.

So I got out of there pretty quick to do my favorite activity – walking around aimlessly. But I was sick. And it was cold. And I became hungry. The two tea cups from Starbucks I had since the morning were long gone in Sony’s toilets and I decided that I needed my “get well food” – rice and chicken. And where can you get better rice and chicken if not in Chinatown? No really… let me know. I headed there looking for a restaurant and finally went into a place called Shanghai Cuisine.

The moment I sat down a pot with tea and a small cup appeared on the table. I tasted it. It was awful – probably root tea with dirt or something like that. I drank it. There’s something comforting when you’re sick and you drink awful tea in a Chinese restaurant – you’re sure it will heal you. It didn’t. I still feel like shit. Anyway, I immediately saw what I was looking for on the menu – a dish called General Tso’s Chicken, which a friend of mine recommended for me in the past – a hot/spicy rice+chicken dish. It was very good and I got back to the hostel.

Now I’m going to try and sleep it off. Here are some pictures. Today I included random pictures I took on the subway and the street. I probably overdid it and if you have any complaints feel free to leave them in the comments:

I still don’t know what (and if) I’m going to do tonight. Maybe I’ll just try to get well.

Update: slept for 6 hours. It’s 10:45pm. Feeling better but will stay in for the night to make sure it goes away.