The Trip – Day 4 – NYC (Updated)

[Updated: added images and more text under the slideshow]

I got up today feeling better. It was snowing heavily outside and since I was still recovering from my illness I decided to take it easy and go out only for stuff I had to like eating and buying gloves. Unfortunately, I realized again that I’m not well equipped for the NY winter. This time it was shoes: one step in the wrong spot and they got filled with freezing water.

I got back to the hostel to change and then went out again to complete the mission of eating (breakfast in Cafe Luxembourg, lunch in Saigon Grill) and gloves buying. Mission accomplished. So now I’m just relaxing and planning for the evening. Plans include eating at Katz’s Deli (apparently an NYC establishment) and later going to Pianos to see some shows.

Very few pictures today. Maybe I’ll add some from Pianos later.

Update: I went to Katz’s Deli. See new pics. The sign “Katz’s, that’s all” has a funny story behind it:

Per Alan Dell the owner:
“This sign originated when Benny Katz hired the signmaker to make the sign,” Mr. Dell said. “The signmaker asked, ‘Well, what exactly do you want to have it say?’ and Benny said to the signmaker, ‘Katz’s, that’s all.’
Sure enough he painted that on the sign!

(Story found here. Thanks, Ariel)
I gave up on going to Pianos, though, because I started feeling bad again.

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  1. Unfortunately I still feel pretty bad. Going tto stay in the hostel until I have to go to JFK for my flight to Canada.

    Thanks for the positive feedback.I appreciate it :)

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