The Trip – Day 2 – NYC

Today I walked. And walked. And walked. I also had to do my shopping. In order of importance, I had to get:

  • A coat (I didn’t own a coat in Israel). I was walking around with many layers of clothing on me, looking a little bit like a hobo and getting funny looks from store clerks.
  • A GPS device – I will need it to navigate my way around the US.
  • A netbook

The order in which I got these things is:

  • An ASUS eee PC netbook
  • A coat

NYC stores like Best Buy and Circuit City (which is going out of business) were a big disappointment. They only have a small selection of the products they sell online and the staff mostly doesn’t understand the differences between products. Luckily I knew what I was looking for so I didn’t need any help. Only it took me a long time to find a Best Buy store that actually had the eee PC model I was looking for. I still haven’t found the GPS device I wanted.

As for the coat, I went to several stores that a friend recommended but couldn’t find anything I liked. So I just went to a “The North Face” store and got myself a very nice and warm coat that now saves me 2 layers of clothing. “The North Face” products are extremely popular here in NYC.

I went to Central Park today. It was mostly covered with snow and there were very few people (except for the ice skating rink.) A visit in the evening to Chinatown lacked anything exciting (the roads were covered with confetti, though, so I guess there were celebrations of the Chinese new year during the day.) Here are the pictures from Central Park:

Now I’m going to go to a place called Comedy Cellar, a place recommended by a coworker.

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