The Trip – Day 76 – Brighton

Still a cloudy and somewhat rainy day in not-so-bright Brighton, but I still went outside and walked quite a lot. Being a resort town for the rest of England, Brighton is pretty attuned to the tourists, offering mostly restaurants and niche shops crammed into narrow streets along with all the major names in fashion, all giving a nice cozy feeling for the visitors of the town. So walking around was a lot of fun but got me very tired.

One problem I have here is finding something to eat that isn’t horribly expensive or too fattening. It turned out to be quite an issue today. I ended up buying some relatively healthy food at the local supermarket instead of sitting in a restaurant as I would have liked to. I’m tired of going to pubs and getting fatty foods. And in Brighton the pubs are also expensive. I mean, I don’t mind paying extra money for good food, but getting both something I don’t really fancy and for a hefty price is out of the question.

At night I got out again after resting, only to find the same scene as last week’s in Cardiff – a lot of young adults are on the streets and in the various clubs. Once in a while you get to see a dressed up group going to a hen or a stag party (bachelor/ette party.) I walked around some more just to enjoy these sights, happened to catch on a pretty good fireworks show on the Brighton pier and went back to the guesthouse.

The Prodigy’s show is three days away. I have absolutely no idea what to do here for three days. I think I’ll try to find some kind of activity that will fill out an entire day. I might try to do some shopping although I hate it. I just know it’s a good opportunity before I get back home in a week. Also, my friend Adi who lives in London said he can come and meet me in Brighton so I’ll try to set this up. Adi will be coming with me to the fourth and last Prodigy show in Wembley Arena in six days.