The Trip – Day 77 – Brighton

Today was one of those days that when I try to think back what I did, I can’t really account for all the hours of the day. It’s a good thing – it gives me that vacation feeling that you get when you’re not really bound to do anything.

Anyway, what I do remember of this day is that I made some calls to take care of my return to Israel in a week. Then I went for a walk and even tried shopping a bit. That lasted exactly 15 minutes – it was way too crowded and I really don’t like shopping. Then I ate, napped a little and later on went to see the movie Watchmen. Going to the cinema is always a good way to pass a few hours. Watchmen is a great movie – not your typical comics-based-heroes-saving-the-world kind of movie.

Tomorrow I might try shopping again, considering that it’ll be less crowded on a Monday. And maybe another movie.

2 Replies to “The Trip – Day 77 – Brighton”

  1. “Today was one of those days that when I try to think back what I did”
    That sounds like me every day during the scrum meeting. :)

  2. Hehe… I like it that you feel comfortable saying that knowing that no one who cares about this will ever read this blog :)

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