The Trip – Day 75 – Birmingham To Brighton

Katz and I got up today, packed and went to the bus station. We said our goodbyes there and went our separate ways. Mine was a 6 hour bus ride to Brighton, a resort town on the south coast of England.

I arrived dead tired and very hungry, my body hurting from yesterday’s show (see video below) to rainy Brighton. The guesthouse I’m staying in (George IV) is very nice and homely so at least I have a nice place to stay. I did my traditional walking about to see what’s here, but most of the stores were already closed so I just ate and went back to my room. I’m done for tonight – it’s 10pm and I’m going to sleep soon after I take a shower.

I was lazy taking pictures today – the few pictures are from London’s Victoria coach bus station and the video was taken by someone else of yesterday’s Prodigy show. The video’s quality is crap but it’s nice just to see how the crowd goes crazy to the beat and then sings together.