The Trip – Day 74 – Last Day In Birmingham, Second Prodigy Show

Today it rained in the morning but we still went out to the city center to walk around. Then we came back to the hotel, rested and went to the second Prodigy show.

The show was even better than the first one we saw. The location was the bigger National Indoor Arena, which includes a seated balcony area (like in a basketball court.) Naturally no one was seated and anyway we had the better standing tickets on the floor. The crowd goes crazy during the entire show but obviously the well known tracks (Smack My Bitch Up, Omen, Out Of Space and many more) get a stronger reaction. The floor was trembling from the jumping of the crowd during quite a lot of the show. So amazing. And it ends with everyone singing the lyrics of Out Of Space.

Tomorrow Katz and I go our separate ways. She’s going north to Isle Of Man and I’m going south to Brighton for the next Prodigy show on Tuesday the 14th.