The Trip – Day 57 – Last Day In Koh Phangan

Today is the last day in Koh Phangan. I talked today with one of the seven readers of this blog and he asked me if I was enjoying myself. I asked him if it doesn’t show from what I’m writing that I’m enjoying myself, so he said I’m just reporting what I’m doing. And he’s right.

I loved it here in Koh Phangan. I could stay here many many more days doing the exact same things every day. Namely, nothing. But if that’s the case then it has to stop sometime and that time is tomorrow. As you know, I’m going to Bangkok for 2 days before my flight to England.

Other then that I had an amazing day because I talked to some friends from the near and far past and also got all kinds of good news and all those conversations and good news came one after the other in the past two and a half hours and now I’m so excited that I can’t go to sleep at 3:30am. And as I’m writing this I’m getting even more good news (not directly related to me, but still.) And I still have to pack for tomorrow. It shouldn’t take long, but I really should do it and get some sleep. Good night.