The Trip – Day 56 – Koh Phangan

Not much to tell… a regular day here. Went running for the last time. The parties were OK but I didn’t stay long. I’m still aiming to go to sleep late this week and avoid some of the jet lag (it’s 2:30am right now.)

Today I also booked a hotel in Bangkok and all the documents for my upcoming travels this week. And there are a lot of those:

  • Taxi ticket to Haad Rin pier.
  • Ferry ticket to get to Koh Samui (where the airport is.) The taxi to the airport is not pre-booked.
  • Plane ticket to Bangkok.
  • Instructions page from the hotel website for the taxi driver to get me to the hotel (the taxi is not pre-booked.)
  • My trip’s plane ticket for the flight to the UK.
  • Heathrow Express ticket to get to Paddington subway station.
  • Train ticket voucher for my trip to Darton (300km north of London.) The voucher needs to be replaced with actual tickets in Paddington station. Then I have to switch 3 trains to get to Darton. I’m pretty sure this is the weakest link of my trip to the UK – I’m so going to get lost/get off at the wrong station/miss a train. I have to be prepared for these.
  • Map to show me how to walk the 2km to where Katz is (she’ll probably be waiting for me at the station, but just to be on the safe side…)

I don’t like it when I need so many documents with me but that’s how it is, I guess. Obviously I printed more than one copy of each of them, for backup.