The Trip – Day 58 – Koh Phangan To Bangkok

I set out from Koh Phangan to Bangkok at around 2:00pm. 6 hours and taxi, ferry, taxi, plane and taxi later I was in my hotel in Bangkok. As usual, I immediately (after connecting to the Internet and a shower) went outside for my traditional aimless walking of the streets. It was a refreshing experience to once again roam the relatively busy streets of a big city. There’s just a lot to see. However, the entire area I’m located in is very tourist-oriented so I tried to walk the emptier streets to see if I can find some local gems. I enjoyed the walk, but saw nothing special.

Tomorrow I plan to do the following: visit the very tourist-y Grand Palace. I doubt I’ll be there longer than an hour or two. I tend to skim through those places. Then I’ll try and get myself a boat trip, which is almost 2 hours. The boat trip was recommended by some friends of mine who were here not long ago. After that I’m gonna go shopping and see if I can find a new cellphone for myself and for a friend that requested one. I guess that would be almost an entire day. In the evening I’ll try to find a place to hang out.

I noticed that I haven’t posted pictures in 11 days! Wow… I must have been busy. Not! :) Today I only have pictures from the flight itself, which was amazing because it was during sunset and the skies were full of clouds.

4 Replies to “The Trip – Day 58 – Koh Phangan To Bangkok”

  1. If you’ll stay for 2 hours in the Grand Palace I’m sure you’ll break the record for “the longest time an Israeli spent in Grand Palace” … (basicaly I’m giving you a moral excuse to get out of there after 3 minutes)…

    Are you getting an iphone?

  2. :) If that’s the case with the Grand Palace I’ll need to find other things to do today.

    No, I’m not very excited about current smartphones. I’m looking for a simple calls/sms phone. They are available is Israel as well but I’m sure I’ll find an interesting variety here.

  3. “…so I tried to walk the emptier streets to see if I can find some local gems.”
    So you were looking for trouble? :P
    Or maybe they were reading your blog?
    (too soon?)

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