The Trip – Day 55 – Koh Phangan

Yesterday I ended up enjoying the party on the beach. There weren’t too many people so there was a lot of room for everyone, good music (it’s pretty much the same tracks every single night) and good atmosphere. I ended up going to sleep at 4:30am.

Today it rained a lot and I was recovering from the party so there isn’t much to tell. I forgot about one funny thing that happened 3 days ago: I got a phone call. I’ve been abroad for almost 2 months and practically… well… forgot how to answer the phone. I held the device in my hand, looking at it and trying to remember which button I should push to answer it. Once I did that it took me a second to realize I’m supposed to say “Halo” as I usually do :) The content of the call isn’t important – it was the army, checking where I’m going to be in the upcoming Passover holiday, as they do every holiday season (nothing to be alarmed about.)