The Trip – Day 54 – Koh Phangan

Yesterday I got back from the rather quiet parties on the beach at half past midnight and 30 minutes after that it started pouring rain. Today there wasn’t much activity on the beach, so here I am posting at 1am. How is it that I’m still up and able to write a post at this late hour, you ask? Well, today after eating at around 11am and watching some Friends episodes I decided to go take a nap. That nap turned into a very deep 4 hour sleep. After that I just stayed in my room until I went outside to run.

I’m proud of myself for running four times this week. Each time I ran 15 times the length of Haad Rin beach, which I estimate at around 700 meters (so that’s a total of about 10km.) It takes me almost an hour to run that distance and at the end of it I’m all sweating and my body feels extremely hot. So it’s a good workout :) Today after the workout I got a Thai massage since I won’t be running tomorrow. I only have one more time to run (on Sunday) and the next workout after that will be after the 27th in the UK. I hope I’ll manage to run there at least two times a week until I go back home and start going to the gym again.

I still don’t feel tired. Maybe I’ll go down to the beach and see if things picked up there. I guess it’s good I’m up late – maybe it’ll soften the jet lag I’m about to experience in a week.