The Trip – Day 41 – Koh Phangan

I got up at 6am today, probably because I napped during the day yesterday, and went jogging on the beach before the sun came up. But I only went for about 30 minutes, which was really disappointing. It was hard to run, though. Probably a combination of me not being used to running on sand and the weather here (very hot and humid.) I think it would be better to try running in the evening because there’s a cool breeze and the sand is wetter. I hope to try that tomorrow.

Yesterday’s beach party was pretty crazy. People get really drunk with the encouragement of the locals that sell “buckets” of alcohol (a bucket is literally a small bucket that is filled with your choice of alcohol, e.g. Vodka and Red Bull.) And then they go dancing to the loud music played all over the beach. So you may be able to imagine what that’s like. I’ll post pictures soon (I tried to take some at today’s party but they came out pretty crappy. I’ll have another go at it tomorrow.)

It’s safe to say that I’ve gotten used to the do-nothing type of vacation. Today I went from restaurant to restaurant, watching TV or a movie, eating and drinking. I also did a little napping and caught up on my online reading as well. Oh, and a massage (they’re dirt cheap – like 9 USD for one hour.) It’s very very hot these days here. Too hot for me to be in the sun, so I just go restaurant hopping most of the day.

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  1. Do you understand that your 7 readers are drooling all over their keyboards?

    Please post some pictures, I’m interested to see what it looks like today — when I was there, Paradise was a high-end place and there were no resorts…

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