The Trip – Day 40 – Koh Phangan

Yesterday I met this English guy, Neil, on the plane. We spent the night at the same place in Koh Samui. As we were checking out of the bungalows the receptionist asked me if I had a woman with me in my bungalow during the night. She was really insistent on it and I had to convince her that all I did was go to bed and nothing more with no one else. Neil and I had a good laugh out of it.

This morning we took the taxi boat to Koh Phangan together. Then we went looking for a place to stay. We nearly booked two bungalows at a place called Paradise Bungalows but then Neil found a better place nearby called the Sunrise Resort, where we got a room together that has a view of the resort’s pool and also has WiFi (although not free.) Like most places the resort is 10 meters away from the beach. We booked the room for 6 nights to include the Full Moon party and the night following that.

Most of the 7 readers of this blog have been to Thailand’s islands so I’ll refrain from describing what it’s like. I’ll just say that the beaches are beautiful and the laid back atmosphere is really great once you get into it.

Koh Phangan is also packed with Israelis. There’s Hebrew everywhere. Even the locals speak it. And I’m sorry to say that but Israelis are so… for a lack of a better word… vile. And loud. Oh so loud. This is very similar to what happened to me 15 years ago when I came back to Israel after 5 months in the US – I just can’t stand the way Israelis push you around and the way they talk to the locals – no courtesy whatsoever. Unfortunately I’m probably behaving more like that just because they’re around. I spoke very few words in Hebrew today, my excuse being that I have an English guy with me, but I’m sure many recognize that I’m Israeli. I guess I’ll socialize more with the Israelis in time. I just need to reconnect to my Israeli self again.

Just two pictures today. I doubt I’ll have many more pictures to post from here, as I’m going to be in the same place for a few days.