The Trip – Day 42 – Koh Phangan

Today I:

  • got up at about 9am
  • showered
  • ate and watched “Friends”
  • transferred my CDs to the MP3 player
  • ate and watched “Yes Man”
  • walked around a little bit
  • ate and watched “Family Guy”
  • ran 50 minutes
  • showered
  • watched 45 minutes of “Superbad”
  • got a massage
  • ate and watched “Friends”

Now I’m exhausted. That’s what I call a good day. Sweet dreams.

(In reality I was so exhausted I actually fell asleep with the computer next to me before I managed to post this. Now it’s morning already so I’m posting late.)

(I’ll post pictures soon. I’m not so happy with the ones I got so far.)