The Trip – Day 11 – Washington DC

I stood by my word and went to the National Museum of Natural History. This museum also has a huge collection of items, which you can’t possibly cover in one day. I was there for 2 hours (one hour tour and one hour on my own) and I don’t think I saw 3% of the place.

The museum shows the evolution of life on Earth and features exhibits like “Mammals”, “Oceans” and many more. I especially liked the dinosaur skeletons, which I have never seen before. Other interesting items include endangered and extinct stuffed animals (we were assured that the museum doesn’t accept hunted animals anymore, as it used to in the past) and the famous Hope Diamond.

For lunch I went to the National Museum of the American Indian. My friend tipped me that I’ll find interesting food there and indeed it was Indian food (as in native American, not Chicken Tike) and was very good. Thanks, Ariel. Then I went to Georgetown, a nice place to hang out in Washington DC – full of interesting shops and places to eat. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures there because I didn’t think I will do the place justice – it’s more the atmosphere than the way it looks.

Tomorrow I’m starting the long (2800km) drive to Denver, Colorado. I will do that over a period of a few days. The first part will be about 640km from here (Rockville, MD) to Columbus, OH.

And finally, here are today’s pictures:

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  1. I loved most the large streets there, and saw as many Muzeums as possible…
    Bon Voyage ant take care !

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