The Trip – Day 10 – Washington DC

Washington DC is a very nice city. The day started with snow showers, which means it was snowing lightly. Later on it stopped snowing and it became a very beautiful day. I went first to the National Air and Space Museum. The museum is pretty amazing – Although it has only 20% of the Smithsonian collection of aircrafts and spacecrafts (most of the rest is somewhere in Dallas), the collection it does have contains artifacts like the first controlled airplane (the one by the Wright brothers), many original planes from the world wars hanging from the ceiling and the real pods from Apollo missions to space. And many many other things.

If you ever get there, I strongly recommend taking a guided tour. Just looking at the huge collection of aircrafts doesn’t tell the story behind them, and that’s the added value of the (free) tour. After I left the museum I didn’t feel like going into another one (there are about 10 different Smithsonian museums) so I went to the Washington Monument and the White House and the other things around it. You can see those in the pictures.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the National Museum of Natural History and maybe walk around the city a bit later (tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day.)

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