A friend of mine called me to tell me that some of the characters on keyboard were now emitting numbers to the screen. It was the classic “your NumLock is on” problem on a laptop.

I thought it would be a nice service to take the domain g66g3e.com and provide it to geeky-enough-people who type “g66g3e” in their browsers instead of typing “google” and then press Ctrl+Enter, which would normally complete the address to www.google.com, but in this case will end up being www.g66g3e.com. Unfortunately, that address is already taken and for that very same reason.

And I thought I was original :S

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  1. Nice… Took me a while to understand that this is for the number pad in mobile phones. I’m so 1990s.

    466453.com is actually owned by Google, as opposed to g66g3e.com, which is not (“fun” fact)

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