Trying Google’s Voice Search

Here’s what I got trying to say “Amit Schreiber” into Google’s Voice Search using my netbook and Google Chrome:

  1. sperm tribe
  2. sure I burn
  3. ami schreiber what the f***
  4. chile
  5. I’m yours driver
  6. tommy shaw rugs
  7. how many shriver
  8. short
  9. send me to a boot
  10. striper

Oh, well… I guess it goes through a relevance engine and I’m just not that famous enough. Yet! :)

Forgotten Experiences

Yesterday I called a friend of mine who is visiting from the US and is staying at her parents’ place. My mind struggled for 2 seconds before I remembered how to say “may I speak with…” It’s been years since I’ve uttered this request.

And today my father called to tell me about an interesting article he saw and thought I would like to read. I immediately said “email me the link” and he replied “I’m reading it on the hard copy.” Again… took me a few seconds to realize what he was referring to.

The Israeli Movie Naming Gods Screwed Me

Yesterday a friend invited me to see a movie after work. The movie’s name in Israel is “The Prophecy.” As we’re waiting for the movie to start he asks me “so when was the last time you went to the movies?” I said it was on the trip, where I saw “Watchmen” and another movie I forgot. When the first frame of the movie showed on screen I said to him “I remember which movie it was. This one.”

Turns out the movie naming gods in Israel decided to translate “Knowing”, which I saw on day 78 of the trip, to “The Prophecy.” And on top of that it’s a mystery movie. So you can imagine my surprise when the kid says “I see dead people” the second time around.

Just kidding. The kid dies about half way through the movie.

My Oldest Email Messages

  • ISP (from my local mail archive at home):
    • Date: February 1, 1998
    • Subject: a Vocaltec Internet Phone license I got as a gift from my now-deceased Canadian relative. Using this software we had a lot of enjoyable video conversations over the Internet. I also found a lot of stories he sent me over time.
  • Hotmail:
    • Date: March 16, 1999
    • Subject: registration confirmation from Serials 99. I believe I can still use it :)
  • Yahoo!:
    • Date: October 2, 2003
    • Subject: a message from an old acquaintance who found me online. This is from the short period of time in my life when I tried to switch from Hotmail to Yahoo! Mail. Once I got a Gmail account, I ditched Yahoo! Mail for it.
  • Gmail:
    • Date: August 11, 2004
    • Subject: “welcome to Gmail” message explaining how Gmail is different

I’m an Internet dinosaur.