The Upside-Down House (and Message)

A Polish businessman wanted to warn the world about the path it’s taking. He decided to do it by building what is now one of Poland’s most popular tourist attractions – an upside-down house. The house is so realistic that people get disoriented the the point of sea-sickness when they’re inside. (via Digg)

2 Replies to “The Upside-Down House (and Message)”

  1. Have you noticed the sandtrooper in the second image? By himself he should be a popular attraction. Anyway, I tried to look for better photos and found that there are several such houses around the globe.

  2. I haven’t noticed the sandtrooper, actually. It is an attraction :)

    I’ve seen pictures of other houses like this one before, but no one that made people disoriented to the point of being sick.

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