Seth Godin at the Business of Software Conference (Video)

I’m shamelessly stealing from Joel Spolsky now:

If you’ve ever heard Seth [Godin] speak, you’ve had your mind blown. Which is why, on the rare occasion, when he runs a one-day seminar, he charges $1650 to attend, and it sells out in seconds.

A while ago I said I was going to blog more personally, but this is truly the most fascinating talk about marketing I’ve ever seen. Watch the first few minutes and if you’re bored forget about it. But give it a chance. Seth Godin truly understands why people buy products and how you can get a (or your) product to succeed.

(if you can’t see the video, try its page on

Damn! I Missed Steak And BJ Day

I simply didn’t know about it, and what a shame it is. Turns out March 14 is Steak and BJ Day. It even has a website, so it must be true. And if you want to know exactly what’s supposed to happen on Steak and BJ Day can see the video instructions.

Next year I won’t miss it. Hopefully.

Note to self: find girlfriend after Valentine’s Day and before March 14 :)

UPDATE: A friend pointed to me that March 14 is also Pi Day. There’s a website for Pi Day too, but who cares, right?

Cold Boot Attacks On Encryption Keys

When I first heard about cold boot attacks I thought this was another disconnected-from-reality-cannot-be-used-in-real-life kind of research, but after watching the video on the Princeton University website I realized that this is a real problem. Namely, unlike common perception, computer memory takes time to fade out after you turn the computer off. So much time, in fact, that you can read it and extract encryption keys from it to later unlock encrypted data. A very interesting research.