My 23rd Prodigy Show – Negua, Madrid, Spain, 27-Oct-2017

This time we went together, wife and I. First time for her, so I was very happy. The Prodigy isn’t her kind of music but she prepared and listened to tracks in the few weeks before the show. I really appreciate her for doing so – she came to the show with the intent to enjoy as much as she can.

We stood in the back because I really wanted for her to have a nice first experience at a Prodigy show. The place was small, which meant standing in the back wasn’t that far away from the stage. I really enjoyed the show, but she calls it a “one time experience”, nicely letting me know that she won’t be joining me to any more Prodigy shows.

Still, we had fun and I love the fact that she made the effort to come see The Prodigy once.