How I started listening to The Prodigy

Around 1992 there was a radio station in Israel called “Zahal 2”. It broadcasted, among other things, alternative music and at that time some electronic music. Trance music was not even defined as Trance music back then. Anyway, all electronic music was either categorized as “Techno” or “Rave”. Under both categories, The Prodigy’s Out Of Space and Charly were broadcasted. I used to really like those tracks, but in Israel you couldn’t (and in fact still can’t) buy any singles, so your options were either buying the album of the band, or a compilation of songs with the song you’re looking for in it.

Lacking any direction in music, I was a serial buyer of compilations. It doesn’t mean that I bought a lot of them – CDs were pretty expensive, and as a teenager I couldn’t afford as many as I wanted. One day my older brother, who really liked pop music and generally introduced me to the idea of listening to the radio, told me that I should buy an album of a band instead of a compilation and get some direction.

I pondered it a lot, went to the CD store a couple of times returning empty-handed. But one day I did it – I bought my first ever album of a band. It was The Prodigy Experience. I’m a big fan since. I doubt it that that was my brother’s intension.