We Released Playrock

Playrock icon To those of you who have been wondering what I’ve been doing over the past 18 months, I finally have something to show for all this time. We released Playrock, which is “a social gaming network where you can play with people who are next to you. Players can instantly create their own virtual spaces, select games that they like to their spaces, and start playing and sharing with other people.”

If you have an Android phone and consider yourself a friend of mine :), please take the time to download Playrock from the Google Play Store by clicking this image below:

Since this is a social app, contact me by email and I’ll add you to one of my “virtual spaces” so I can show you what it does. There is a small learning curve needed to use the app, but I believe it will be worth it. Also, any feedback would be appreciated. Write me to amit@blenture.com (or any address you have of mine) with your thoughts.

4 Replies to “We Released Playrock”

  1. Wow, great news! As soon as i get myself a new phone i am in! (currently using old nokia since my android phone is not with me any more)

  2. BTW, there’s no “share on facebook/…/…” on the PlayRock website. And great name!

  3. Great… let me know when you sign into the service. I’ll add you to my personal space and I can show you what it’s about. I still remember that we went walking outside of the Diligent building and I told about this idea. Who would have thought we’ll be where we are today :)

  4. As for sharing on Facebook:
    1. We’re still aiming for a quiet release. I’m waiting for just a little bit of more content to be there and for the main usability issues to be fixed before I spread the app
    2. We suck when it comes to marketing ourselves :)

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