My 13th Prodigy Show – Warriors Dance Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 15-Sep-2012

A few days ago I came back from my short trip to Belgrade, Serbia, where I went to see The Prodigy for the 13th time as part of their self-organized Warriors Dance Festival. Needless to say, I had an amazing time, especially because it’s been two years since the 12th show in Athens.

With me were two new Serbian friends who took very good care of me and made a great night even greater. The Serbian crowd was ecstatic, there were multiple mosh pits throughout the entire show and the adrenalin was flowing at least as much as the beer.

I only have a few pictures from Belgrade. I don’t take too many pictures any more, which is probably a shame. But maybe that will change next time.

And here’s Omen Reprise/Invaders Must Die from the show. It’s one of my favorite parts where the crowd goes from listening to clapping hands to jumping in less than a minute: