5 Years Of Working Out

Today I’m celebrating the 5th anniversary of my road to fitness. I’ve made many changes in my workout routine over the years. This last year, during my 3 months trip, I worked only on my aerobics and so the latest change I made to my gym workouts when I came back 6 months ago was to stop working on muscles (mostly weights) entirely and only run on the treadmill for one hour three times a week.

This change, which cut my net workout time from 6 hours a week to 3 hours a week, proved very positive. I lost 10 kg, which I can only guess is mostly muscle, and I get lots of compliments that I actually look better than I did when I bulked up. Since my initial goal of going to the gym was looking better, I embraced this new routine and I plan to keep on doing it until my body adjusts and starts gaining weight again.

Most of the time I enjoy running. I usually do nearly 12 km in one hour and I try to push myself harder but sometimes my knees start hurting so I pace myself.

As for nutrition, my response to the weight loss is different than most – when I lose weight I become more watchful of what I eat and try to keep it healthier, as if to not to ruin the new achievement. I hope I’ll be able to keep it up, as I do with the workouts.

6 Replies to “5 Years Of Working Out”

  1. Wow – 12 KM!!!

    Watch out for knees problems.
    Lots of athletes switch to other sports (from running) after they start having knee problems, like swimming and cycling.

    Chag Sameah.

  2. I forgot to mention it in last night’s dinner but you look slim!
    Maybe too slim or maybe I’m just not used to see you like that :)
    Your face lost its roundness and got edgy.

    Anyway 5 years is well worth celebrating…

  3. Thanks a lot :)

    The only one who said anything yesterday was Sharon, who always calls me fat :S

    And yes… I celebrated by buying raisin bran cereal (which is sweet and contains sugar) instead of my normal sugarless bran cereal :)

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