Another (Short) Stereo Demo Leaves Me Confused

Yesterday, for the sake of being a good consumer, I went to see another stereo demo at another store. My audiophile friend from work talked me into it. He’s helping me a lot but eventually I got really confused. It turns out in this market the sellers make huge margins, so basically you can get a lot of discounts if you bargain a lot. Unfortunately I’m not the type to bargain.

But my friend told me the first offer I got was too high and I should keep looking, even just for the sake of finding something I like even more. In the second store from yesterday I got to listen to Cambridge Audio amplifier with Mordaunt-Short speakers, both presumably better than what I liked a day earlier in the first demo. But I was a little underwhelmed – the demo was inside a very big store space, so the acoustics weren’t great, and I didn’t get that kick I like so much from the music.

I did get warned by the saleseman that getting front stage speakers can be tiresome for the ears after a while. The salesman from the first demo also warned me about that. So now I’m conflicted. The worst that can happen is that I’ll take the system home and then realize I made a bad choice.

I don’t like when things get complicated. Like I said before, I hate shopping.

2 Replies to “Another (Short) Stereo Demo Leaves Me Confused”

  1. Thanks for the article. I’m definitely making a buy. I’ll probably go to make sure the system I saw first is still the one I like and get it.

    I already decided on a price but now I’m afraid of getting less value than I can for that price or getting the wrong system that wouldn’t fit my home after a while (in the sense that I won’t like the sound it produces.)

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