Girl 2

I’m trying to be brave again and write about relationships. Thoughts of Girl 1 still haunt me but, following the advice and a match made by a friend, I’ve started dating someone new. And to my surprise… I’m enjoying it. A lot.

It’s refreshing to be in a relationship where you feel like you can say anything on your mind and not be judged. I’m told that it’s actually one of my more endearing qualities… saying what’s on my mind. Luckily, Girl 2 knows to take things I say in a positive way (which is the correct way) without looking into darker meanings, even when I blurt out things that may be interpreted as offensive in some convoluted way my simple mind could have never come up with.

Past relationships have always started with a big crush. This one is different. We simply enjoy one another’s company and there’s definitely attraction. It’s building up slowly and calmly and I like it. I think Girl 2 pretty much feels the same way and that’s why I can write about it freely. It’s great to be in a relationship that allows you to do that.

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  1. Hey,
    Read your last posts and (other then enjoying them) found an amazing thing!
    It is possible to the activate two different YouTube clips.

    I found this feature so appealing that I immediately activated all of the clips in the page.

    Now guess what was my first impression?
    A single Prodigy clip sounds exactly like 3 of them playing together!!! :)

  2. :D Funny stuff. Obviously, you’re not a big fan.

    And like I told you – if The Prodigy come to Israel, you’re coming with me to see the live show that will ruin all other live shows for you.

  3. I’m told that if you write something offensive and then add a smiley after, then it’s ok

  4. עמית,
    אני שמח לשמוע שיש שינוי כיוון

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