The Trip – Day 83 – The Last Day

As I sit at Heathrow airport waiting for my flight, my body still recovering slowly from last night’s show, people start talking to me online – some updates from work, a friend in financial trouble. The person who occupied my apartment for the duration of the trip texts me. I’m starting to feel the heaviness of my normal, mundane life. I’ve been away from all this for so long, I forgot what it’s like to worry about things. Despite being connected with friends and family throughout the entire trip, I was without worries. Even if I knew about things that have been going on, I was far away from them both physically and mentally.

I guess it’s time to reflect on the trip now. It started with me being sick in New York and in Canada. I had fun, but it was a shame not to be able to do everything I wanted to (like skiing) there. I met friends I haven’t seen in a long long time, including one I’ve never met at all before, which was exciting and fun. Then I went on my own to visit some national parks (where I panicked after I couldn’t find my way out), Las Vegas and then the beautiful and fun San Francisco, where I spent 9 whole days.

Then there was Hong Kong, which I really liked, for three days. After that came three weeks in the beautiful Thailand islands, where I did absolutely nothing except for going to parties on the beach. I got conned in Bangkok just before leaving Thailand, but it doesn’t affect my feelings towards the places I liked or the amazingly nice locals I’ve met. I also traveled with Neil, a cool guy from England, for almost 10 days, which was fun.

And finally – the UK, where I met Katz, my ever-travelling friend, yet again (we previously met in the UK in 2002.) We stayed at her friend’s place, who I previously met on his visit to Israel. I saw a bunch of new places I haven’t seen before and also saw The Prodigy, my favorite band in the world, four times on their tour. I also met up with another friend from school at the end and he joined me to the last two shows, which was fun and a proper way to end the trip.

I now realize how much I wish I could continue the trip.