The Trip – Day 82 – London, Fourth And Last Prodigy Show

Again a rainy day, so I went for some indoor activity – London’s Science Museum. The museum is great, offering many galleries where you can see, hear and touch many artifacts from the past, present and possibly the future. While I enjoyed the museum a lot, it was packed with visitors, many of them kids, and my mind was busy thinking about The Prodigy’s show tonight and the flight back home tomorrow.

The Prodigy gave another amazing show. This one was pretty much the best of all four. The Prodigy keep evolving the show and it flows better between songs. Also, the London crowd was really enthusiastic, more than the crows in the previous shows. Maybe someone will post a video I’ll be able to include in a later time.

I can’t believe I’m going back home. I completely forgot what my daily routine of gym and work is like. In a way it’s good – I don’t feel bad about going back to work and am looking forward to see my family and friends. On the other hand, if I had the choice, I would have definitely continued this trip. Probably would have left the UK for the rest of Europe or something like that. But that will have to wait for a different trip.

I’m not ready to reflect about the trip yet – I still have one more day! I might not get to reflecting on it at all, but we’ll see.