The Trip – Day 63 – Kexbrough

It was a cool sunny day today so we went out to walk in one of the footpaths around here that goes through the fields and ends in a warm and cozy pub called The Cherry Tree on the top of a hill which overlooks the surrounding area. Again we thought we were planning something lazy but ended up walking quite a lot (probably more than 10 km.)

In one week it’s both Katz’s birthday and the first Prodigy concert we’re going to so I’m very excited. I still don’t have the tickets, but they’re on the way (with some luck I’ll get them even tomorrow.)

Here are some new pictures, finally.

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  1. :) I only drink diet coke here, as I do everywhere.

    And we almost went by bicycle (also a type of bike) but you can’t really go into the country with a bicycle (no roads)

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