The Trip – Day 62 – Kexbrough

After a night sleep of about 11 hours, probably my longest sleep on this trip, Katz and I decided to go to Barnsley, a nearby town, to walk around. It’s a Saturday so a lot of people were out shopping and dining and it was nice to just hang out. We went back home and then decided to go see “Monsters vs. Aliens 3D” in the IMAX in Bradford. The movie was good but it was a bit too much because the ride back was late at night, we were tired from our day and it was very cold (even snowed a little in Bradford.)

I did find a solution to my lack of an Internet connection – I bought a USB dongle that connects me to the Internet through one of the mobile phone companies. I was really feeling lost without access to the Internet and I’m happy that I have it again.

Today was a busy day and I’m very tired again. I know these last two updates weren’t too exciting but I’m really enjoying myself and the time with Katz – it’s just like the good old days :) Good night.

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  1. The dongle costs 30 pounds (it’s locked to the provider, but you can unlock it for a small fee with some software, as far as I can tell.) Then you buy a plan. I got a 15 pounds plan that gives me 100 hours of connection a month or 3GB traffic. Considering that I’m here for 21 days it should be enough (I’m with a network called 3 –

    On T-mobile they offered me a plan where you pay 2 pounds for 24 hours, so if you connect you pay 2 pounds and get free access for the next 24 hours. Then you don’t pay anything until you connect again. So the plans vary.

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