The Trip – Day 45 – Koh Phangan

Neil got back from the Full Moon party at about 5:30am and woke me up. He was wasted, so it was a funny (unfortunately I can’t go into details because I care for his privacy.) I slept for 2 hours and had a shower before I went to sleep so I was refreshed. We went outside to see the party still going on. The sun was about to rise at about 6:30 and breakfast at the resort was served at 7:30 so we decided to wait for both.

The sunrise was really nice (see pictures below) and then we went to breakfast. I wanted my eggs sunny side up, so I tried to tell the extremely nice hotel employee but he didn’t understand. I started describing it to him and then he asked me if I wanted an “eye egg.” It took me a few seconds and then I asked him if they call it an eye egg in Thailand as well but he said no and that he only used that term because I’m an Israeli. So that was kind of funny (and shows you how much Israelis affect the locals here. The same guy also knows quite a bit of Hebrew.)

Neil and I both crashed after that only to wake up at around 2pm, go to eat, go jet skiing (and for me actually to get in the water for the first time since I got here) and go to eat again. After that I went running and after that I ate again (add 3 showers in between some of these activities.) Another satisfying day.

Neil really wants to go to Koh Samui and I like hanging out with him so I’m going to go there until he goes back home on the 15th. After that I plan to go back to Koh Phangan for a few days and then go to Koh Chang, which unfortunately doesn’t get me closer to Bangkok as I had originally thought (it’s a 6-hours bus drive to Koh Chang from Bangkok.) But like all plans on this trip these can change too. The only certain thing right now is that I’m going to Koh Samui tomorrow. We already have the boat tickets. This means I need to pack, which I hate, but hopefully will be easier since I sent about 4kg of stuff back home.

Here are some photos from the past few days. The videos I have are much more interesting but I can’t upload them from here because it takes forever. I need to find a way to deal with that and upload them.