The Trip – Day 44 – Koh Phangan, Full Moon Party

It’s 2:45am and I’m just back from the Full Moon party. It is crazy out there. My ears are still ringing and my legs hurt from jumping around. The beach is packed with people, mostly dancing frantically. But some are already completely wasted. This means they are either dancing without noticing their surroundings, walking funny, sleeping or letting lady boys make out with them. The latter are going to have quite a surprise tomorrow morning :)

I have pictures and videos but again I need to sort them out and there’s no way I’m doing that now. Instead I want to share a dilemma I have: I was going to go to Koh Phi Phi, but it turns out the entire area of the western islands is out of the question because there’s a severe warning for Israeli travelers (Hebrew link, IE only) regarding that area. I already considered in the past going to Koh Samui (very close too here, but too western and too much prostitution) or Koh Tau (also close, but too quiet) so I am left with the following options:

  • Stay in Koh Phangan some more (or until the 26th, which is when I go to the UK.)
  • Leave to Ko Chang, an island very close to Bangkok, from which it will be easy for me to travel out of the country on the 26th.
  • Go to Bangkok soon.
  • Go north to do some trekking.

Right now I’m thinking on staying in Koh Phangan for a few more days (the prices drop here after the Full Moon, so even if Neil goes home I can stay in the same room, which makes it a comfortable choice.) During those days I will go do some day tours around the island and go see other beaches. After that I’ll go to Ko Chang and then to Bangkok a few days before the flight or on the day of the flight (right now I’m inclined not to visit Bangkok at all, except the airport.) I don’t think I have the right equipment to go trekking in the north and I’m not really in that mindset.

If any of you 7 readers has an idea, please leave it in the comments or email me (my email address is in the About page.) Thank you.