The Trip – Day 35 – Goodbye, USA

I’m sitting at the airport terminal and still have some time until my flight departs so I can report this day and the next post will be at the end of the first day in Hong Kong.

The drive to LAX went uninterrupted. I stood in a little in what seems to be typical LA traffic and saw all the exits to famous places like Sunset Blvd, Venice and Van Nuys. I went straight to the airport, though. Before returning the car I took this picture:

Now let’s do some math: I drove 22861 – 18719 = 4142 miles,which are 6666 km (hmmm… interesting number.) Over 26 days that’s pretty impressive even if you don’t account for the fact that the car didn’t move an inch during my time in San Francisco (for 9 days!)

I’ll write again from Hong Kong :) Cya