The Trip – Day 34 – Last Day In San Francisco

Today was dedicated to getting ready for tomorrow’s trip – first doing my laundry and then packing. I’m not happy that I have more stuff than I did when I came (mainly the coat – it takes a lot of room in the backpack.) I went to O’Reilly’s Irish pub again, where I met one of the employees of my favorite cafe, 901 Columbus. His name is Eddie and he is half Mexican, half Guatemalan. We then talked for quite a while about life in Israel, in Mexico and in the US. This is the longest conversation I had with someone that wasn’t a friend of mine from before.

Later I went to see Maz Jobrani,the Iranian stand up comedian. I haven’t heard of him before but apparently he’s very famous (YouTube videos.) He was very funny and the crowd was a mix of mostly Middle Eastern people and other different ethnics. Being the only Jew in the crowd I waved to a bunch of Palestinians who waved back as a gesture of peace orchestrated by Jobrani. It was funny, but I was happy to be tagged “the Jew” and not “the Israeli” (it didn’t come up) although I don’t think there was any danger from this fun-loving crowd.

I technically have another day in the US, but tomorrow I have to drive almost 7 hours to LAX airport and then fly 14+ hours to HKG airport. It’s all going to seem like one long day, so I won’t be blogging at least until March 2nd. Hong Kong is 6 hours ahead of Israel, so I’m going to have more overlap which will make it easier for making phone calls and text messaging,