The Trip – Day 29 – San Francisco

Today started with light rain that later turned into non-stop-can’t-do-anything-outside kind of rain. I really don’t like rain and refuse to use an umbrella. So I just spent the entire morning and afternoon relaxing and catching up on my online reading (600 Digg stories, as an example :) It’s not like I had big plans, anyway. I’m just a little upset that I couldn’t go jogging. I guess I could have gone to the closest gym and get a one day pass but it takes me time to get used to a new gym and I don’t feel comfortable walking in and starting to work out in a new place – too self conscious.

In the evening I went outside for a while just to walk, breathe fresh air and eat (had very good Shepherds Pie at O’Reilly’s, an Irish pub and restaurant.) Then it started raining again (my coat protects me very well) so I went back in my room. Hopefully tomorrow it won’t rain as much. I have no special plans for the day, but at 4pm I have the trip to Alcatraz.

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  1. About walking in the rain: you have the freedom to walk (or not walk) in the rain. I think it is nice, if you know that you can reach a bath and take a good hot shower later….

    You also remind me the story about “The birdman from Alcatraz” which was one of my bestsellers during my youth.

    I never thought to visit there (which was a mistake)…

    Have a good time!!!

  2. Thanks a lot :)

    I hope the trip to Alcatraz will not involve rain, but it might be OK even if it rains – I find it nicer to walk in the rain than I did in Israel. Maybe because I don’t have a “goal” when I’m just walking around and also because of my excellent coat that I got in New York.

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