The Trip – Day 22 – Las Vegas

(this post was published a day late because I was dead tired)

Last night I spent most of my time at Starbucks because that’s where I found a power outlet that I can use to charge my gadgets. I didn’t plan to, but fell asleep on the table at Starbucks. Then, in the morning, I booked a room in the New York New York (NYNY) hotel. I got a very nice room at the 40th (out of 45) level. It’s a lot nicer compared to the motel rooms I stayed in so far. I got the room and immediately went to sleep.

Having a hotel room relieved me from carrying my daypack with me all the time. I roamed the strip comfortably and without worrying about all my stuff that’s in my bag. And for the first time since I started my trip I walked around without wearing my thermal underpants. Much more comfortable.

After yesterday’s craziness, Las Vegas looks much saner today – you can actually walk down the strip without constantly running into other pedestrians and saying sorry all the time. Turns out I was overwhelmed for a reason – my first impression of Las Vegas was based on one of the busiest days of the year.

I got tickets to David Copperfield and Blue Man Group. David Copperfield does his magic casually and with little drama. After all he gives two shows every day so maybe you can’t be super dramatic two times a day every day. He does “street” magic along with big illusions. I was laughing in disbelief like a child a for entire minutes after two of the them. That’s what I call a good show. Oh, and he also uses (a poorly edited version of) “Smack My Bitch Up” by The Prodigy for one of his illusions – a nice little surprise by itself.

Blue Man Group I don’t even want to try and describe. Anything I say about that show will be a partial and misleading description. I mean, I can tell you what happens during the show but it wouldn’t make any sense. It is simply pure fun to watch (and participate in… the audience is a big part of the show.)

Tomorrow I have no special plans. Probably go to another show or two and more hotel hopping to see the very extravagant designs.

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