The Trip – Day 13 – Columbus OH To St. Louis MO

Today I drove the long way from Columbus OH to St. Louis MO. The drive itself was uneventful and the scenery on the way very beautiful. I didn’t have anything planned out for the night so I decided to go to downtown Missouri and see what I can find to do. The metro into St. Louis from the hostel (in Illinois) goes on a bridge over the Mississippi river – an amazing view (for about 10 seconds.)

When in St. Louis I first went into Hooters where my waitress recommended some hang-out places for me to go to. I walked around a little and couldn’t find any place interesting (I guess I needed a guide) and I was tired so I went back to my hostel and I’m calling it a night early (it’s 8:30pm). The lesson is that I should have something planned up ahead for these nights. Therefore, today there are no pictures.

Tomorrow: Jerry Seinfeld. Woohoo! I also need to plan the drive for Sunday and Monday. The problem is that there is no big city half way between St. Louis MO and Denver CO (Kansas city is the only big city on the way, but it’s too far east to be a good stopping place.) I’ll plan tomorrow.